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A Pansy?

Grandpa Pencil's most important day of the year is New Year's Eve. This is the day when I take stock of the past year and prepare for the next.

I have to admit that I have suffered some pretty awful ones over the ages as I am often forced to admit that I really haven't done all that well.

One year, on the day before New Year's Eve, I had $30 in my pocket and was not a happy puppy.

I had some petrol in the vehicle so decided to head off to the city's 'flower market' at about 5:30am on New Year's eve.

What an absolute BUZZ! The place was alive with people, colour, fragrance and excitement and after a while I decided to buy 20 dozen carnations of various colours, which I picked up for $1 per dozen.

I took them home and broke them down into individual blooms, each of which I decorated with a little satin ribbon bow and sat them neatly in two large cane baskets that I owned.

I arrived at the city's most popular New Year's Eve meeting place at 11:00pm and left, before things got too rough, at 1:00am New Year's Day having sold 120 blooms at $3 each.

On the way back to my vehicle I simply gave the other 120 away.
Two hours for a profit of $340 on an investment of $20 is not a real bad effort I think.

Obviously there are not many days like this on the calendar but the principle remains the same. With a little flair, flowers are King.

How to do it: 1

Firstly, of course, you need to locate a regular source of supply that you can readily access.

This might be a flower markets, a major supermarket or a friendly flower seller with whom you are not competing.

Your main selling days will be Thursday, Friday and Saturday and there are a two approaches that you can successfully use.

Thursday and Friday evenings, as the workers where you live are heading home with their pay in their pockets and their little twinges of love or guilt you can ambush them and make a nice little income.

For this method you will need to sell very reasonably priced bunches of quite colourful flowers.

Depending upon where you are able to work you can set up to catch the passing foot traffic or, if you are near a main traffic artery that allows for a pullover space for the vehicles where you can set up a prominent display, you can work the vehicle market.

Buy only a few flowers at first and add more as your business builds because your business will grow in direct accord with your consistency to be there week after week.

Your safety comes first, of course,but having assured this your ability to have your flowers 'sing' to the passersby, along with your 'style', are paramount in your quest for fun and profit.

And 'having fun' is a most important aspect of business I believe.

How to do it: 2

O.K. Now pay attention, and I know you can because you will need to be at college or uni to work this little cutie.

From your flower source you will need to select the best value 'quality' blooms that you can find.

These will probably be roses or carnations, though you may well find something even more stunning at a lower price.

Style in your flower and personal presentation is what you will be selling here and you can charge for it.

Dressed in your finest colonial or classic garb, approach all of your local restaurants, clubs and bars to seek permission to walk through their premises each Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening selling from your basket of beautiful blooms.

You will need to play to the ladies while selling to the blokes and don't worry about embarrassing them.

Each bloom that you sell will add greatly to the evening of 'both' of your targets.

Never forget that what you are really selling is the Romance, not the flowers.

Wattle the Market Bear

So just how do you put a price on such a product/service?

Well, I find that simply complex.

First I decide what markup I want on the cost of my flowers.

Then I decide how much I want to earn per hour.

Then I try to work out how many flowers I can sell each night.

Then I find out what others are charging for similar products/services.

Then I look at all of these numbers side-by-side and try really hard to find a suitable balance based pretty much on reality.


I always ask 'Wattle the Market Bear'.

What type of people are likely to be in my market place and what would they find a fair and reasonable price.

This will change, of course, depending upon whether we are selling in Beverly Hills or the local Trailer Park.





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