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The following pieces are briefs to get your mind working until we publish the complete items

Dog Walking

We are always going to take a long walk each day for our health, aren't we. So what happens?
Within our communities are many sick and aged residents with companion dogs of various sizes.
It is essential for the health of these animals that they have a good regular walk.
Now you can find the motivation.

Sandwich Boards and Corporate Characters

Pizza places, restaurants and cafes, your local TV and radio broadcasters and loads of other local businesses promote themselves through walking billboards.
I once did a big eagle for a pizza place, in the summer. I promise, you can have heaps of fun, earn some money and lose weight.
Look around and find the opportunities.


Have you ever answered one of those adverts for letterboxing and been horrified with the income potential for your expected efforts.
There is good money to be made by offering your services to local business houses at a price somewhere between what you were offered by the letterbox company and what your local businesses had to pay.
Check out your local free, home delivered newspaper to find out what they charge for the insertion of advertising material and offer a lower price than that.
Remember, though, if your customers find that you have not been doing the job it is all over.

Shopping And Messages

As with our dog walking section you will find that within our communities there are many sick and aged residents who need some assistance with shopping and messages.
Get some exercise, help a neighbour and earn some extra money.

Lawn Mowing

Like many people, I really don't like mowing the lawn. To me this makes this little business worth a look 'cause the grass doesn't stop growing just because I don't want to cut it.





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