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Working with small business

This little business can be done alone or in conjunction with the 'Wheelie Bin Cleaning Service'.

If you live in an area where there are a lot of Strata Units, Apartments or Holiday Units the opportunity migh exist where you can do some work for local cleaning companies.

The putting-out, cleaning and putting-in of wheelie bins often represents a loss to cleaners charged with the maintenance of these properties.

This is because the rubbish days and times do not always match the times allocated for the general cleaning and maintenance of the properties.

As a result someone often has to drive well out of their way, from another job, just for this. Obviously this as an unnecessary cost of both time and money for the cleaners.

Cash In

Spend a little time watching how the various blocks of units handle this problem.

You will be looking for cleaners driving up to just do this job or, even worse, for bins sitting outside for much of the day.

You will soon be able to note your potential customers who, hopefully, will jump at your offer to assist.

Initially, you should be guided by whatever cash offer you can gain until you gain more experience.


As you will not need a lot run some individual leaflets off on your computer. These should feature:-

  • Your name, address and phone number

  • Days and times you are available to take an enquiry

  • The address, days and other details of the service that you wish to supply (that is, the block/s of units where you have noticed a problem)

Offer these individual leaflets to the person you see eventually doing the job or sticky tape it to each of the empty bins you are aiming for.


An alternative to this, and a better one, I might suggest, is to enquire of the cleaner or of the occupants of the building/s of the name and address of the person or business that you should approach and write a letter.

In the event that you can't find the right person to write to, assuming that you are looking at a Strata Block, simply address your letter to the 'Body Corporate' of the address you are looking at and pop your letter into the appropriate letter box in front of the building.





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