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Earning Extra Cash

Cleaning Wheelie Bins

Earn Money to help you through School, College or University

About the business

Here's an interesting little business that you can run before school in your immediate neighbourhood.

You can start out your business on foot, if need be, or with a bike..
The only stuff that you will really need is:-

  • Access to a phone

  • A good soft broom

  • A hand brush, (as you use with a dustpan)

  • A plastic bucket

  • Plastic garbage bags

  • Rubber gloves

  • A bottle of good quality dish-washing detergent

  • Some bin deodoriser

  • Some old towells

  • Letterbox material


Cleaning Wheelie Bins

Wheelie bins often tend to get a little 'pongy' and many people just don't like to clean them.

As a result, the bins are simply ignored and their owners hold their noses for a few seconds as they drop the rubbish in.

  • Put on your rubber gloves, who knows what has been in there, and take out any remaining rubbish which you will put in a plastic garbage bag.

  • Squirt some detergent into your plastic bucket and fill up with water

  • Slosh the contents over the inside of the bin including the inside of the lid

  • With your broom give both the inside and the outside of the bin a good scrub

  • When all of the gunk has softened, give the entire bin a good hose down

  • Dry the, now clean, bin with an old towell and spray with deodorant

  • Return the bin to its normal place of residence and collect your money

The key to a good income here is in having your 'per bin' price low enough that you can get bulk customers all close to each other.
The further you have to travel between customers the lower your hourly income will be.
You are young and fit and should take on about 5 minutes per bin.

Note: It is never good enough to just deodorise. Things must be clean to smell nice.

Advertising with Flyers
  • Work out which days, and at what time, each of your neighbourhood areas have their bins emptied so that you can organise your advertising.
  • You will want some flyers of about A5 size copied or run off on your computer.
  • Start off by offering your service to people that you know or who are close to your family
  • Then you can start to letterbox the area/s that you wish to work
The flyer should offer
  • Your name, address and phone number
  • Times that you are available to be contacted
  • The nature of the service that you are offering
  • The day and time that you will clean the bins (Bins should be cleaned between the it being emptied and being taken inside to start being filled again)
  • Your charge per bin cleaning





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