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Window Cleaning

Earn Money to help you through School, College or University


What you will need

Grandpa Pencil was once, as ever, in need of cash.

With a broom, a bucket, some rags, a bottle of dish washing detergent and a squeegee,I became a window cleaner.

I still have the equipment, except for the rags, just in case I ever need them again.

You can do quite well with this little business before and after school.
You will need:-

  • A good quality, brass, squeegee and some spare rubber blades. The rubbers should be softish and very square on the edges for the best results

  • A soft broom

  • A hand brush (as used with a dustpan)

  • An oblong window cleaning bucket
  • A good quality paint or glass scraper with a supply of new, sharp blades

  • Clean, dry cotton towels or cotton rags

  • A good quality dishwashing detergent

  • A sound 'milk crate' kind of thing

  • A receipt book and pen
Where is the work?

Your adults will love you forever for taking up this little business because you will need to use their glass to get a bit of practice.

Obviously, then, they will help you buy all of your needs.

Your best opportunity for a start will be to offer your local shopkeepers a regular service of the outside glass of their business.

You must be regular, however.

Speak to all of the managers of the shops and business' in your neighbourhood and offer your service at a realistic price.

The best way to find out what you can get is to ask.

After you have gained a little more experience and add more customers you can adjust your prices to earn your true worth.

Never take on a job where you can not work from the ground or, at worst, from on your 'milk crate'.

As you show your drive, enthusiasm and consistency it is more than likely that you will be offered even more rewarding and enjoyable work.

Some tips on window cleaning
  • Put a squirt of detergent into your window cleaning bucket and fill with water

  • Wet your broom in the bucket and cover the section of glass you are doing, including the frames, in the solution

  • Start with the highest sections of glass and work from the direction of the wind

  • Wipe down the frames with a clean rag (put your rag on the broom head for higher sections) Run your squeegee right across the glass from the edge either across or down
  • Continue until the window is clean and if you find that you have missed a bit it is usually quicker to redo it than try to fix it

  • For higher sections of glass, pop your squeegee on the handle end of the broom so that you can stay on the ground and not need a ladder

  • Wherever possible, do not touch the cleaned glass with a rag as you are likely to streak itWhen the shopfront is complete wipe down the lower sill and tidy up the wall below the window.Check the job to ensure that it is done correctlyWrite a receipt for your customer and collect the money

  • You may find it more convenient to do the work before the shops open in which case you can collect your money in the afternoon





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