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The Moral: When there's nothing left to lose, there's everything to gain.

Big Blue Pumpkin

Once upon a time in The Great South Land the 'Big Bad Wolf Annual Agricultural Show' was about to start again.

Grandpa Pencil was quite excited as his big blue pumpkin had won first prize every year since he could remember and this year was his best yet.

For months each year Grandpa cared for his pumpkin making sure that it was well fed, covered up against the frost and he even played classical music to it every evening before they went to bed.

The big day had arrived and Grandpa Pencil looked through the window at his pumpkin up on the hill before settling in to have breakfast and get dressed in his finest clobber for the big event.

Brushed and polished and dressed to kill, Grandpa locked his little house and headed off, with a delightfully jaunty gait, to collect his pumpkin.

As he looked up the hill his heart dropped for, instead of his beautiful pumpkin, he saw Clarie Crayon's fat old pig who had totally devoured the pumpkin.

As Grandpa approached the pig it let out the biggest burp, lost it's balance and rolled down the hill, onto the road and all the way down until it hit a bump and flew through the air into the creek.

When Grandpa Pencil reached the creek Clarie, his next door neighbour, was already there trying to pull the pig out of the mud.

Grandpa sent Clarie off to fetch a tractor while he headed off to save the day.

The pig was saved and washed and dried and Grandpa Pencil immediately started to paint it with a rather pretty blue paint telling Clarie that, come what may, his big blue pumpkin was going to the show.

Grandpa Pencil thought that the pumpkin that won was nowhere as good as his and a far slimmer pig beat Clarie's.

When the normal judging was over and the creatures were about to leave, the Big Bad Wolf called them all back so that he could award the final prize of the day.

Grandpa Pencil and Clarie were awarded a blue ribbon for 'the best big blue pumpkin in disguise'.



Robin A Cartledge 2003




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