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The Moral: If it seems too good to be true it probably is.

The Medicine Chest

Once upon a time in The Great South Land Little Goody Tooshooz stood on the table and stamped her feet and screamed at the Wolves in the Lair "You are giving the sheep the scraps because they can't find any work", she yelled, "and they are all getting very fat and rather sick."

The Big Bad Wolf had been hearing mutterings of dissatisfaction for some time now and was really worried about his job.

He gathered together all the creatures of The Great South Land, poured plane loads of 'Magic Bulldust' all over them and announced that, for just a little bit more gold, the creatures would have their health looked after from birth to death at no cost to them.

Never again would a creature be forced to pay a doctor's bill.

Times had been hard for a long time and with the Wolves collecting more and more gold from them, most had not been able to afford to worry about their health.

They found this new medical system a Godsend and all rushed off to the doctors for checkups and prescriptions and even, in some cases, just for a chat.

After a short while the Big Bad Wolf summoned the creatures together to announce how popular his new measures were.

Sadly, though - because the creatures were actually using the service -, he would have to ask them all for just a little more gold.

The next time the Lair sat Little Goody Tooshooz chucked an absolute doozie of a tantrum, screaming at the Wolves that the doctors were being run off their feet and the Wolves should give them much more gold than they were getting at the moment.

Most of the Big Bad Wolf's friends and campaign contributors were doctors, so as distasteful as it was, he had no option but to agree.

The Wolves were rather stingy with their gold and cried every time they had to give some away so they thought of a rather devious plan to solve this problem.

"The eating of scraps was obviously causing all of this sickness", he told a plague of media mice adding that he was sorry that his policies had caused so much pain.

"From now on the Wolves are taking a more responsible path.

Poor and unemployed creatures should eat healthy food, like grass, and take better care of themselves".

In an additional measure to ensure the well-being of the creatures they would be asked to pay a rather large fee each time they used the Free health service.

Robin A Cartledge 2003



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