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The Moral: Cut people as much slack as you'd like to be cut if the circumstances were reversed.

'Old Croc'

Once upon a time in The Great South Land Melissa P. Pencil found her grandpa down on his hands and knees in his yard with a magnifying glass.

Grandpa Pencil was in a rather grumpy mood because every morning for

the last week one of his chickens had gone missing (Yes, a different one each time !) and he was determined to find the culprit.

Melissa really enjoyed being with Grandpa and they usually laughed and read and made really neat stuff from the bits and pieces of junk they found at the dump.

She didn't like to see Grandpa sad, so she set out with him to find out who had been stealing the chickens.

They looked around for tracks or footprints around the chicken run until Grandpa Pencil yelled out that he had found some.

Following them he whispered to Melissa that the thief must have been there for a long time because the prints went around and around the coup and there were two thieves.

Melissa giggled quite a bit before she told him that they were following their own footprints.

Grandpa saw some big butterflies but Melissa thought they might be too little to carry a whole chicken.

They looked through the gardens and in the tree house, they checked up in the trees and under the flowers but found nothing.

Finally, down by the creek, they came upon their thief.

There, with feathers sticking to his lips and a big, contented smile on his face was 'Old Croc' a really big old crocodile with hardly and teeth.

"Quick !" roared Grandpa to Melissa, "Run and get The Big Bad Wolf and tell him to bring a gun so we can shoot it.

"Melissa rather liked 'Old Croc' and knew that he had a right to eat just like everyone else so she told Grandpa Pencil that there was a better way to solve the problem.

From that day on just before going to bed, Grandpa Pencil placed a picnic cloth in front of the chicken pen covered with cream cakes with the pinkest icing and fairy bread and orange lemonade and his chickens sleep peacefully in the knowledge that 'Old Croc' is happy.

Robin A Cartledge 2003

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