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Even Steven

Once upon a time in The Great South Land, Little Goody Tooshooz had an idea.

Actually that is not entirely correct. It was, in fact,the Green Tree Frog, Even Steven's idea but Little Goody used it anyway.

The Lair was almost completely dominated by The Big Bad Wolf and his colleagues and Little Goody Tooshooz and the Green Tree Frog bunch could never get their own way.

It was so bad that Goody would often throw herself on the floor of the Lair and scream and kick her feet and yell "Its not fair, you're just a bunch of bully Boys".

Little Goody Tooshooz gathered together as many creatures from The Great South Land on the forecourt of the Lair as she could, sprinkled a little 'Magic Bulldust' around and began her address.

She told the creatures that it was not fair that the Big Bad Wolf got his way all the time while she got nothing, not even any of the gold apparently.

"Things would have to change", she told them, "and I know exactly how to do it".

"We have a Government and an Opposition", she continued, "and I think that it is only fair that they should be equal in every respect".

Goody waffled on with some complex, if misguided, formula to achieve her ends and the Sheep bleated a little bit before continuing to gobble down their scraps and so it was done.

There was no need for debate in the Lair any more because the Big Bad Wolf would put up a proposition and Little Goody Tooshooz would immediately reject it.

"Finally", gloated Little Goody Tooshooz to some of the local media mice, "The Great South Land has a true and perfect democracy".

After what seemed like an eternity, no-one in The Great South Land was able to give the wolves any gold and the allocation of scraps had stopped.

The Big Bad Wolf stood in the Lair and pleaded for sanity as everyone was losing out, including the Wolves, but Little Goody Tooshooz, wielding her new found power, just giggled and yelled "No!".

And thus The Great South Land, as it rightly should have, ceased to exist

The Moral: If your water is one part oxygen and one part hydrogen it isn't water.

Robin A Cartledge 2003

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