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The Moral: 10% of anything is worth more than 100% of nothing.

Wattle The Market Bear

Once upon a time in The Great South Land Little Goody Tooshoos stormed into the Lair, banged her shoe on the table and threw a really great tantrum.

"We must spend more gold on education", she yelled, "and become smarter about the way that we work".

She ranted on about the fact that there were countries around the world that should be doing all the yukky jobs so the creatures of the Great South Land could concentrate on just doing nice stuff.

For some strange reason the Wolves fared rather badly in the last election and had to share the country with the Market Bears so that The Big Bad Wolf could stay on as boss.

The Market Bears were forever trying to find new ways of getting more gold from their business' and Goody's words appealed to them.

After a short meeting with the Big Bad Wolf, Wattle - the Market Bear, called together all of the creatures of The Great South Land, spread around bucket loads of 'Magic Bulldust" and told them of his grand new plan for them.

The creatures were very happy because they would no longer have to do menial work and most of the stuff that was made overseas was quite a bit cheaper.

The only problem was that most of the creatures could not find jobs and couldn't even pay the cheaper prices.

The goods flooded in on enormous ships, but when they left they were empty.

Wattle - The Market Bear, saw an opportunity and organised for the creatures to dig and cut ballast for the ships' return voyage.

The outbound vessels were filled with marble, granite, coal, iron and steel and even wood chips to keep them stable on their homeward journey.

This soon stopped, though, when the ship owners discovered that it was quicker and cheaper to just fill up with water and more of the creatures lost their jobs.

Needing to reduce their costs, the Market Bears had to automate most of their services and the rest of the jobs were done overseas by creatures that cost much less.

Soon, the Great South Land was in deep trouble and the creatures couldn't find the gold for even the most basic things, which made them very crabby, while the Market Bears lived in absolute luxury.

Wattle - The Market Bear, got very angry and said that the creatures were just lazy and didn't understand the 'big picture' and left The Great South Land, with the other Market Bears, for more prosperous lands.

The creatures of The Great South Land are still trying to learn how to make the stuff of their day to day needs.

Robin A Cartledge 2003

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