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The Moral:  Sometimes perfection is not really the best thing for us at all.

The Map

Once upon a time in The Great South Land the sheep looked up from their work and noted, with disinterest, that it was nearly time to vote again.

What she needed, thought Little Goody Tooshooz, was an idea because this time she was going to beat the pants off them pesky wolves.

In the past most of the good ideas that Goody stole were stolen off her by the Big Bad Wolf and his colleagues.

Little Goody Tooshooz decided, finally, that she would spend heaps of her gold to show the creatures of The Great South Land that she could create a perfect land.

She looked here and she looked there for an idea but the more she traveled around the more lost she got.

Little Goody had been using a pocket sized road map and thought that this was confusing her, so she found a shop and purchased a larger map with much more detail.

Goody could do really great tantrums, but had trouble with any other form of emotion so she just mumbled quietly to herself, "Eureka, I have it !"

If the bigger map has more detail than a pocket sized map then a full sized map would be perfect, she reasoned.

She only got a little bit lost on the way to the printers so she knew that she was on a real winner.

Every single creature in The Great South Land would have to find their way to the polling booths on voting day.

Goody was sure that, with her perfect map, they would all find their way and love her and make her the boss of the country instead of the Big Bad Wolf.

The maps were printed and each household in The Great South Land received a free copy full of pictures of Little Goody Tooshooz.

Thousands of creatures opened up their maps that morning blocking out the sun and covering up the roads and the farms and their neighbours and as they tried to find their way out of the tangled mess of maps it began to rain.

Voting day was canceled that day and the grass died and the rubbish collectors worked for weeks picking up great wads of mushy, wet bits of map.

The next time that they met at the Lair the Big Bad wolf was still the boss.

Little Goody Tooshooz threw herself on the floor and screamed and kicked her feet and yelled at the others that it was all their fault because the Wolves had allowed the country to become overcrowded just so her map wouldn't work.

Robin A Cartledge 2003


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