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The Moral: The truth is usually somewhere in the middle, between the extremes.

The Trolls

Once upon a time in The Great South Land Little Goody Tooshooz was chucking one of her famous tantrums in the Lair.

"It's not fair and it's not right", Little Goody yelled at the Wolves.

"All of the roads are blocked up with traffic and the Sheep are having awful trouble getting here for their scraps.

You will have to use some of your gold to fix it because even the Sheep are crabby."

The Big Bad Wolf knew of the problem but really didn't like using his gold on anything but himself.

He paced and thought and figured but just couldn't find a solution until, quite out of the blue, he was approached by the boss of the Trolls.

The Troll told the Big Bad Wolf not to worry because they would build the new roads for the creatures and it would cost the Wolves nothing.

"We will build the greatest road on the planet that will take the creatures from one end of the land to the other and in keeping with its grandeur we will name it 'The Great Big Bad Wolf Memorial Superhighway Number One'.

On completion the Trolls placed special 'Troll Gates' along its length where they could jump out and demand gold from the creatures for its use.

The Grand Trollway was completed, but hundreds of families were displaced for each kilometre of its length and had to move to the outskirts of the cities and towns creating a need for more Trollways.

Not wishing to be scared by the Trolls, the creatures found other roads to travel on until The Big Bad Wolf had them closed to 'protect the health of the creatures' and so 'the roads wouldn't wear out'.

The creatures were very happy, if just a little surprised, that the Wolves were thinking of them and decided that it would nice to help with the problem.

They all started to travel to and fro on the Wolves' trains to ease the burden.

Learning that the creatures had started using his unprofitable rail network to travel on, The Big Bad Wolf closed it 'temporarily' so that it could be upgraded 'to meet the extra need.'

The Trolls were very happy and built more Trollways to service the creatures, displacing more of them as they did so.

Finally the entire Great South Land was covered by Trollways and as the Troll Gates had been fully automated the creatures had no jobs and were unable to pay to use them.

The Trolls were upset and accused the creatures of disloyalty and locked off all the Trollways, packed their bags and left for more profitable lands.

Little Goody Tooshooz stamped her feet and screamed and chucked a little tantrum telling the Wolves that they should find some dirt somewhere and cover up all the Trollways and turn them into pretty parks.

When she had finished she looked up to see the Wolves leaving the Lair with their big bags full of gold and wearing their very best Hawaiian shirts.

Robin A Cartledge 2003

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