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What I really want to see one day is a 'round the World Teddy Bear's Picnic'.
It would need to be Spring or Autumn where you live so the the weather is generally OK.

Imagine if, at 10 am local time, on a given day, in all of the towns and cities on the planet, a Teddy Bear's Picnic begins.
If you have been waiting around for a really big project to amuse you, there it is.
For those looking for a smaller project, read on.

Probably the best way that I can help you plan your project is to recount a Teddy Bear's Picnic that I helped organise for a strip shopping centre.

A competition was designed where all of the stores in the centre packed their shops with 'Teddies' and the public was invited to count or estimate the total number of bears.
In an empty shop window I set up a complete Teddy Bear Village.
Radio, television and our local newspaper journalists were summoned to a media briefing that was set up in the coffee shop. The poor dears had to sit down and interview a giant, stuffed gorilla and an assortment of bears.
There's no need to be as crazy as me but the interview, along with the fact that the entire precinct was set up for visual impact, made the journalists' and cameramen's jobs much easier.
The television and print media rely heavily on vision so give them some.

If you read through the various items presented in 'How to organise and run a successful Fete' you will be well on the way to setting up an extremely good Teddy Bear's Picnic.In the picnic that I as involved in we charged a small entry fee for each bear at the picnic which went to our local brass band to help with the cost of music and instruments. Try not to get overly greedy with your charges. If you only charge for each bear, rather than each person, you will attract a larger number of participants, making the day much more fun.
We also had a real Teddy Bear Valuer on site who, for a small charge (for the band) gave up to the minute valuations on many of the older bears and I can assure you, the values will astound you.The band played on while the participants mingled, set up their little picnics, registered their bears and generally enjoyed themselves.
At a pre chosen time the band led off a parade of bears and their owners to, of course, 'The Teddy Bear's Picnic' just prior to the judging (see below).

The competition and beyond

Prizes, extracted from the local business community, were given for a number of categories with our judges making their assessments both at the registration desk and through the parade.In order to offer the most pleasure to the greatest number of people, a broad range of categories was offered in the judging (see right).

Bears did not have to be registered in any specific category meaning that each bear was considered for all classifications.

Get on to your local dignitaries to assist with the judging as, even though they will probably feel a little silly, they will add some weight to the final decision and don't forget to include your Bear Valuer, will you.

Through and after the presentation please don't forget to thank all of the local businesses that donated the prizes.

If you have the space and the ability you might rent out some small market stall spaces but whatever you do, please have a refreshment section with tea, coffee and cold drinks minimum.

Judging categories

Our Teddy Bears range from the most prim and proper little things right through to absolutely chewed and much loved 'dags' and this must be considered in your classifications. I have included the following short list to which you can add.

  • Best Bear of the Picnic
  • Most loved Bear
    This will not be the most attractive Bear of the show
  • Oldest Bear
    (your valuer will be able to work this one out)
  • Best Bear and owner lookalike
    A child dressed as a ballet dancer or pirate with his/her Bear dressed the same is a real giggle
  • Best Bear in disguise
    This section allows people whose favourite cuddly thing might be a fluffy shark, lion, snake or anything that a Bear might disguise itself as
  • Youngest Bear owner
    The moms will love you

Your mind is the only limit to the possibilities.





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