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Pet Rocks are the ideal pet for both the inexperienced pet owner and for those too busy to spend a lot of time on pet care.
They don't drop fur or feathers all over the place and, of course, don't eat, bite or poop.
When you have learned a little on training and maintaining them you could easily add to your pocket money by selling them to friends and relatives or your local shops.

Selecting your Pet Rock

As with the selection of any pet, you will need to figure out just what you want your pet Rock to do.
You may need a Pet rock that you can carry around with you to keep you company or, you may want a Rock to guard your house when no-one is at home.
Obviously the Guard Rock will need to be quite large and fierce looking and will need quite a large space to live in.
After you work out the size that you want you can go out and find your new companion.
Don't make the mistake of taking the first rock that you see because each will have a different personality.

Decorating your Pet Rock

The size, shape and texture of your chosen rock will suggest the best style and finish for your Pet.
It will need a mouth and eyes, of course, but you may also want to give it ears, a tail and legs.
You can decorate your Pet Rock with paint, fur, feathers or almost any other available stuff.
If you have chosen a Guard Rock, which will probably sit out in the front garden, your finish should be of waterproof materials and glue.
When you have finished your pet please don't forget to give it a name and, if you wish, you can use our Pet Rock Certificate.

Training your Pet Rock

You will find training your Pet Rock surprisingly simple once you get the hang of it.
There is only one command that they can understand which is 'Sit !'
This command should be delivered in a firm but caring voice.
Unless you have a very large Guard Rock you should take your pet for a long walk at least once a week.
Guard Rocks like to sit out in the front garden watching the world go by while smaller Pet Rocks love to live on or near the computer.
As with any other animal you should never give your Pet Rock chocolate or sweets and cakes as it will make them sick, or sticky.

Click here for Pet Rock Certificate

Starting a Pet Rock Business

Once you have mastered the decoration and training of Pet Rocks you may wish to make a little business of them.
Pet Rocks can be sold to friends and relatives or you may want to have them sold by some of your local shops.
If you want them in the shops you should talk to pet shops, novelty shops and newsagents.
You will find it easier to get shops to take them if you offer the Pet Rocks on a consignment basis. That is, where the shop displays them and pays you as each is sold.
It will make quite a difference if you provide a neat Pet Rock certificate with each Pet Rock which you can design and print yourself or use the one that we designed.




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