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Have you ever noticed that some number plates on cars (licence plates) are real names?
Next time you are on a long car trip you can amuse yourself by finding as many words as you can.
Sometimes drivers have to have L plates on their cars (when they are learning to drive) or P plates (when they first get their drivers license.)
To make the game more interesting you can add a P or an L to the front or back of the words like those below.


Can you work out what these number plates say ?

Grandpa Pencil's
Car Colours

Everyone in the car, except the driver, can play the Car Colours Game (the driver has to concentrate to keep you safe.)
Before you start off, each person in the car chooses a colour (red, blue, green, yellow) and throughout the trip each person counts the number of vehicles that they see in the colour they chose.
At least every hour and a half ask the driver to stop and as you have a little walk around, you can find out who saw the most correct coloured cars. Then you can start counting again.
Don't forget that you and your family are too important to get hurt so it is best that you remind the driver to STOP, REVIVE and SURVIVE (stop and rest at least every hour and a half).

Learn The Rules Of The Road By Playing
Highway Patrol

As Bunny always says "You're never too young to learn to be safe".
On any long car trip, sadly, you will see lots of drivers doing really silly things and even though you can't stop them you can stay safe by watching and learning from their silliness.
Each passenger will need a pencil and a note book for this game.
As you are driving along watch all of the vehicles around you looking for any drivers, or riders, who are breaking the road rules.
Your driver or an adult passenger can help.
When a player sees someone doing the wrong thing s/he yells out 'Gotcha' and makes a note, in the book, of the vehicle's number plate (licence plate) and what the driver did wrong.


7 Car Trip Songs guaranteed to Drive The Driver Nuts

There are loads of these great car trip songs that just go on forever and I have selected seven because, in the main, they entail a little creativity.
You will find the basic words by clicking on your selection below:-

This Old Man

The Wheels On The Bus

As I Was Walking To Town

Bumping Up And Down

I Had A Rooster

If You're Happy

The Ants Go Marching


Bingo Bunny Plate Game

Have an adult passenger act as umpire for this game.
Make a list in your notebook of some silly things to look for in number plates (licence plates) such as

  • Boys name
  • Girls name
  • Animal
  • 000 plate
  • 123 plate
  • All numbers or all letters the same
  • A word plate

I laughed myself silly the other day when I saw a number plate that was

EIE 100

It reminded me of that 'Old Macdonald had a farm' song.
During your trip the first person to see one of the listed plates yells out 'Bingo Bunny" and the umpire awards that player one point.

Travel Passport / Visitor's Book

Before setting off on your journey make up a special book to use for your passport/visitor's book.
Each time you stop (at a driver reviver' centre, a service station, cafe, tourist office, motel, or any other place) write down the name of the city, town or suburb, the day and date, the name of the place you stopped at and if possible, have the people that serve you write their name (first name only as they might get scared) and put their rubber stamp or a sticker on the page.


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