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Hello my friends,

Most of the rabbits I know think that magic is being pulled out of a hat by the ears. How silly is that ?

I think it's magic that they manage to remember to eat.

This has nothing to do with magic tricks but what do rabbits have that no other animal has ?

Baby rabbits.

Sorry, I just thought I'd tell you so you will have a look at my really silly riddles page.

Oh ! Right, the trick. You should do the trick in front of at least six friends and one of them will be your secret helper

You will need a sheet of paper and an envelope for each of your bunnies and they must all be exactly the same (the paper and envelopes, not the bunnies.)

You should stand behind a table with your adoring audience seated in front of it.

  • Have each person write a question on their paper, fold it up and seal it in the envelope. The envelopes should not be marked on the outside.
  • Your secret helper will do a special tear or fold on his/her envelope and tell you the question asked.
  • As you collect the envelopes make sure that your friend's envelope is on the bottom of the stack.
  • Place the stack of envelopes on the table and with lots of magical psychic flair pick up the top one and concentrate hard on it.
  • Say "(your friend's name) wrote (the question) and answer it if you can. That might sound like "Rodney asked what time the ten o'clock bus runs. Usually around ten o'clock"
  • After your 'very surprised' friend says that the question was exactly what s/he wrote open the top envelope to verify it.
  • Remember, your friends envelope is on the bottom so you will be opening a new question.
  • Ask the question in that envelope as you did with your helper's.
  • Continue until you have shocked your entire audience and have fun.






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