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101 Great AustralianTrivia Questions
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  • Who was known as the father of Australian theatre?
    George Selth Coppin
  • Claimed to be buried near Warnambool is which 400 plus year old ship?
    The Mahogany Ship
  • In which year did Cyclone Tracey hit Darwin?
  • When did Lasseter claim to have found the reef of gold named after him?
  • In which year did Burke & Wills set out from Melbourne to cross the continent from South to North?
  • Within the borders of which state is the Principality of Hutt River Province located?
    Western Australia
  • Which department store opened its doors on the corner of George and Barrack Sts. Sydney in 1838?
    David Jones
  • In which year did the Redex trials begin?
  • Where would you find the 'Big Banana'?
    Coffs Harbour
  • When did the Sydney mint begin operations?
  • What was Fort Dennison known as?
  • Where would you find the 'Big Pineapple'?
    Nambour, Queensland
  • Who started the Royal Flying Doctor Service?
    The Reverend John Flynn
  • Where was James Ruse's successful farm?
    Rose Hill, Sydney
  • Which royal blue luxury train started running between Sydney and Melbourne in 1937?
    The Spirit of Progress
  • Who was the first man to make a controlled, powered flight in Australia?
    Harry Houdini
  • Where was Australia's first atomic test held?
    Monte Bello Islands
  • Where would you find the 'Big Lobster'?
  • Where would you find Ormiston Gorge?
    The MacDonald Ranges, NT
  • Who started Tattersalls lotteries?
    George Adams
  • What does the C stand for in ANZAC?
  • Who was Australia's first Prime Minister?
    Sir Edmund Barton
  • Through which two states does the Birdsville Track run?
    Queensland and South Australia
  • Who or what is Blair Athol?
    A Queensland coalfield
  • What is the most easterly point on mainland Australia?
    Cape Byron
  • What were the Commonwealth Games originally called?
    The British Empire Games
  • In which year did the British Empire Games begin?
  • When was daylight saving first introduced to Australia?
  • What is a drongo?
    A bird
  • In which state would you find Lake Eyre?
    South Australia
  • In which year were trams introduced to Melbourne?
  • Who invented the 'Stump Jump' plough?
    R.B. and C.H. Smith
  • In which state would you find Pinjarra?
    Western Australia
  • Which internationally famous dancer in the 1800s was reputed to have horse-whipped an Australian critic?
    Lola Montez
  • Prior to its amalgamation with General Motors, what was the name of Holden's business?
    Holden and Frost
  • Who was Australia's first Labor Prime Minister?
    John Christian Watson
  • What was the Endeavour's original name?
    Earl of Pembroke
  • Which European is credited with first noticing Norfolk Island?
    Captain James Cook
  • Who owned the mansion 'Camden Park'?
    John Macarthur
  • In which field were William Bragg and his son awarded the Nobel Prize in 1915?
  • On which Australian decimal banknote was the portrait of Henry Lawson?
  • Who was the first chairman of the ABC?
    Charles Lloyd Jones
  • In which state would you find jarra forests?
    Western Australia
  • Which other coin was made in the production of the holey dollar?
    The Dump
  • Originally, whose home was Vaucluse House?
    W. C. Wentworth
  • Who was the first Australian politician to broadcast on radio?
    Billy Hughes
  • Built in 1848, what is the name of the church at The Rocks, Sydney?
    Holy Trinity Church
  • What was a 'deener'?
    A one shilling coin (The equivalent of today's 10c)
  • In which Queensland town was Waltzing Matilda first performed?
  • What is Broken Hill's nickname?
    The Silver City
  • At the mouth of which river does Cooktown lie?
    The Endeavour River
  • What is the 'capital' of the Torres Strait Islands?
    Thursday Island
  • What is a bustard?
    An Australian bird
  • In which year did Douglas Mawson lead Australia's first expedition to the Antarctic?
  • What is 'The Gulflander"?
    A train running between Normanton and Croydon in Queensland
  • Who founded the Bulletin?
    Jules Francis Archibald
  • Where was the Batavia wrecked in 1629?
    Off the coast of Western Australia
  • What was blackbirding?
    The enslavement of South Sea Islanders by Australian plantations
  • What was Ben Chifley's full name?
    Joseph Benedict Chifley
  • What does the C stand for in the organisation CWA?
  • What was William Cox known for?
    Building the first road over the Blue Mountains
  • What was the full name of C. J. Dennis?
    Clarence Michael James Dennis
  • How long can giant earthworms grow?
    Up to 3.5m
  • In which year did TV begin transmission in Australia?
  • Which officer led the Rum Rebellion?
    Major George Johnston
  • In which town is the oldest continuously used bridge in Australia?
    Richmond, Tasmania
  • Who was the first woman to be elected to the Australian House of Reps?
    Dame Enid Lyons
  • Off the Coast of which state is Kangaroo Island?
    South Australia
  • What was Jon Hendricks best known for?
  • In 1809, who was Australia's first Postmaster?
    Isaac Nichols
  • Who created the Pavlova in 1935?
    Bert Sachse
  • Who created the game that later turned into Australian Rules?
    T.W. Wills in 1858
  • Who became the fastest man on earth in the Bluebird on Lake Eyre?
    Donald Campbell
  • Where would you find the grave of bushranger Captain Thunderbolt?
    Uralla, NSW
  • Which Australian city is renowned for its pearling industry?
  • In which year was the city of Hobart founded?
  • Which Australian town is associated with the Zig-zag railway?
  • Traveling from Sydney to Perth prior to 1970 how many train changes needed due to rail gauge differences?
  • Which were the first coins to be made totally from Australian metals on Australian soil?
    The Adelaide gold pound and the five pound gold piece
  • Prisoners of which nation participated in the Cowra Breakout?
  • Who designed Sydney's Supreme Court building?
    Francis Greenway
  • In which state would you find Yanchep?
    Western Australia
  • Who was the first woman to fly from Australia to England and Australia to South Africa?
    Mrs. Lores Bonney
  • When was the Australian Atomic Energy Commission formed?
  • Who discovered the goldfield named Coolgardie?
    Arthur Bayley and William Ford
  • Where would you find the 'Giant Trout'?
  • Where would you find 'Granny Smith's' headstone?
    St. Anne's Church, Ryde, NSW
  • Where would you find Australia's High Court?
    Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra
  • Where would you find Andamooka?
    South Australia
  • What is a snoek?
    A fish
  • What is made from bauxite?
  • Does Australia have a native bee?
  • What was Rolf Bolderwood's real name?
    Thomas Alexander Browne
  • What type of bird is a brolga?
    A crane
  • When did Cob & Co begin operating?
  • What does the I stand for in CSIRO?
  • Where would you find the Darling Range?
    Western Australia
  • On which river would you find Devonport?
    Mersey River
  • Who established Elizabeth Farm at Parramatta?
    John Macarthur
  • What was the first newspaper to be published in Australia?
    The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser
  • Who published Australia's first newspaper ?
    George Howe
  • Who composed the first opera to be written and performed in Australia?
    Isaac Nathan
  • What was Walter Lindrum best known for?
    He was a champion snooker and billiards player

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