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Simple Machines



Simple Machines

A bad example of a 'Simple Machine'

Some good examples of simple machines

A machine is a contrivance designed for the purpose of taking in energy in some form, modifying it and delivering it in some other form more convenient for the purpose in view.

There are very many good examples of simple machines and rather than having the good sense to use one of them the workman, left, is just plain simple.

The force which applies energy at one point is called the effort and the force delivered at another point overcomes the load.

A machine can be as simple as a spade, a ramp or a see-saw. A screw, a lever or a block and tackle.

1: Lever

Note: The greater the length of the lever on the effort side of the fulcrum, in relation to that on the load side, the easier it is to lift the load.

2: Block and Tackle


For more information on pulleys see The Velocity Ratio of Simple Pulleys

3: Inclined Plane



4: Wheels and Axles




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