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In Loving Memory

by James Blundell

Oh come meet the dog known as Beatle,
You'll laugh at the antics of he;
He's straight to the point like a needle,
He thinks he's a human you see !

He howls to the tune of 'Old Smokey',
But Dixie just yeilds a sad whine;
He sings till his tonsils are croaky,
Then sits at the table to dine !

He stuffs to the limit his tummy
Then lies on his favourite chair;
And placidly sucks on his dummy,
And cuddles his soft teddy bear.

He won't share his bones with poor Tootsie,
Which earns him much strife with his spouse;
Then he teases and starts playing footsie,
So she chases him all round the house.

He hassles the postie each morning,
For a ride on his bike - it's such fun!
But poor Beatle has gone into mourning
Since that postie has got a new run.

His antics and tricks are amazing,
He begs and he even plays dead;
When visitors come they're appraising,
"He's meant for a circus", they've said !

He loves to play 'pig in the middle',
He leaps like a grig at the ball;
But his face grows as long as a fiddle,
And comes straight away when we call.

He hates the white Samoyed called Cory,
Who visits sometimes from the south;
He 'slimed' Beatles head is the story
Then he swallowed it whole in his mouth.

When he's riding around Port Macquarie,
Disguised in his glasses and hat !
On a bike in a basket - so sorry,
He can't fool the locals like that.

It's quick they're alert to this caper,
This dog who's a hero to all;
This star of the brochure and paper,
Who snuffs at the sound of fame's call.

The local news reader spoke for him,
When he reached the grand age of thirteen;
And she, like the locals,adores him,
Since that feature appeared on the screen.

The tourists who come are all smitten,
Now Beatle is famous world - wide;
With pictures and stories that's written,
Of the star of the Port - and it's pride.

© James Blundell







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