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Grandpa Pencil's Little Rhymes

Classic Nursery Rhymes #5

Classic Nursery Rhymes #5

Rock - a - bye baby

Rock - a - bye baby,
Thy cradle is green;
Father's a nobleman,
Mother's a Queen,

And Betty's a lady
And wears a gold ring,
And Johny's a drummer
And drums for the king.

See - saw, sacradown

See - saw, sacradown,
Which is the way to London Town?
One foot up and one foot down,
That is the way to London Town.

Six little mice

Six little mice sat down to spin;
Pussy passed by and she peeped in.
What are you doing, my little men?
Weaving coats for gentlemen.

Shall I come in and cut off your threads ?
No, no, Mistress Pussy, you'd bite off our heads.
Oh no I'll not; I'll help you to spin.
That may be so, but you don't come in.

Bonny Lass

Bonny lass, pretty lass, wilt thou be mine ?
Thou shalt not wash dishes,
Nor yet serve the swine;
Thou shall sit on a cushion, and sew a fine seam
And thou shall eat strawberries, sugar and cream.

School is over

School is over. Oh, what fun !
Lessons finished - play begun,
Who'll run fastest, you or I ?
Who'll laugh loudest ? Let us try.

Saint Dunstan

Saint Dunstan, as the story goes,
Once pulled the devil by the nose
With red hot tongs, which made him roar,
That could be heard a mile or more.

What shall I see?

See, see ! What shall I see,
A horses head
Where its tail should be.

Sleep baby sleep

Sleep baby sleep
Our cottage value is deep;
The little lamb is on the green,
With wooly fleece so soft and clean,
Sleep baby sleep.

Sleep baby sleep,
Down where the woodbines creep;
Be always like the lamb so mild,
A kind and sweet and gentle child.
Sleep baby sleep.

Draw a pail of water

Draw a pail of water,
For my lady's daughter;
My father's a King and my mother's a Queen,
My two little sisters are dressed in green,
Stamping grass and parsley,
Marigold leaves and daisies,
One rush ! Two rush !
Pray thee fine lady, come under my bush.

Man in the moon

Indeed it is true, it is perfectly true;
Believe me, indeed, I am playing no tricks;
An old man and his dog bide up there in the moon,
And he's cross as a bundle of sticks.



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