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Grandpa Pencil's Little Rhymes

Classic Nursery Rhymes #6

Classic Nursery Rhymes #6

Smiling girls, rosy boys

Smiling girls, rosy boys,
Come and buy my little toys,
Monkeys made of gingerbread,
Little horses painted red.

Terence McDiddler

Terence McDidler,
The three stringed fiddler,
Can charm, if you please,
The fish from the seas.

The King of France

The King of France went up the hill,
With twenty thousand men;
The King of France came down the hill,
And ne'er went up again.

Thirty days hath September

Thirty days hath September,
April, June and November:
February hath twenty eight alone.
All the rest have thirty one
Excepting leap year, that's the time
When February's days are twenty nine.

Five little sisters

Five little sisters walking in a row;
Now, isn't that the best way
For little girls to go?
Each had a round hat, each had a muff,
And each had a new pelisse
Of soft green stuff.

Five little marigolds standing in a row;
Now isn't that the best way
For marigolds to grow?
Each with a green stalk
And all the five have got
A bright yellow flower and a new red pot.


Up you go, shuttlecocks, ever so high!
Why come you down again,
shuttlecocks, why ?
When you have got so far why did you fall?
Where all are high, which is highest of all?

Sukey, you shall be my wife

Sukey, you shall be my wife
And I will tell you why:
I have got a little pig,
And you have got a sty;
I have got a dun cow,
And you can make good cheese;
Sukey, will you marry me ?
Say yes if you please.

The greedy man

The greedy man is he who sits
And bites bits out of plates,
Or else takes up an almanac
And gobbles all the dates.

There's a neat little clock

There's a neat little clock,
In the classroom it stands,
And it points to the time
With its two little hands.
And may we, like the clock
Keep a face clean and bright
With hands ever ready
To do what is right.

Wine and cakes for gentlemen

Wine and cakes for gentlemen,
Hay and corn for horses,
A cup of ale for good old wives,
And kisses for young lasses.

Somewhere Town

Which is the way to Somewhere Town ?
Oh, up in the morning early;
Over the tiles and chimney pots,
That is the way quite clearly.
And which is the door to Somewhere Town ?
Oh, up in the morning early;
The round red sun is the door togo through,
That is the way quite clearly.

Pipe thee high

Pipe thee high and pipe the low,
Let the little feet go faster;
Blow your penny trumpet, blow !
Well done, little master.



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