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Deeds of Kindness
Epes Sargent

Deeds of Kindness
Epes Sargent

Suppose the little cowslip
Should hang its little cup
And say, "I'm such a little flower
I'd better not grow up!"
How many a weary traveller
Would miss it's fragrant smell?
How many a little child would grieve
To lose it from the dell?

Suppose the glistening dewdrop
Upon the grass should say,
"What can a little dewdrop do?
I'd better roll away!"
The blade on which it rested,
Before the day was done,
Without a drop to moisten it,
Would wither in the sun.

Suppose the little breezes,
Upon a summer's day,
Should think themselves too small to cool
The traveller on his way:
Who would not miss the smallest,
And softest ones that blow,
And think they made a great mistake
If they were acting so?

How many deeds of kindness
A little child can do,
Although it has but little strength
And little wisdom too!
It wants a loving spirit
Much more than strength, to prove
How many things a child can do
For others by its love.

Epes Sargent





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