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Grandpa Pencil's Little Rhymes

An Elephant
Robin A Cartledge

An Elephant
Robin A Cartledge


An elephant or pachyderm
Is bigger than a household germ
But smaller than a mountain range
A fact I find extremely strange
As it climbs the garden wall
Is an earthworm long or tall ?

I find it really hard to figure
What is big and which is bigger
Words so very often used
But still today I am confused
My cat is bigger than a mouse
Yet both fit easy in my house

Now please don't make an awful fuss
As none of this relates to us
I'm here today to talk to you
About the Municipal Zoo
And when an elephant named Kyle
Went missing for a little while

Kyle, hoping that he not be seen
Found some paint in pretty green
And covered up from nose to knee
Until he looked just like a pea
Then hoping he would look much thinner
Hid in Byron Pencil's dinner

Though Byron knows it should be chewed
He always gobbles down his food
And when he finished off his plate
He found, alas,
It was too late.
Now he has a belly ache.


© Robin A. Cartledge 2001


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