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Grandpa Pencil's Little Rhymes

Melissa Dreaming
Robin A. Cartledge

Melissa Dreaming
Robin A. Cartledge

What will we do
Now the sun is bright blue
And the earth is a thick slimy green
And the moon has grown wings
Doing wondrous things
As it sours through a pink evening scene?

While small purple fairies
With soft purple wings
In a line simply roller skate by

In all of the towns
All the people are clowns
With some even three metres high.
They all ride their bikes,
Some with one wheel, some trikes,
And one even rode a meat pie

As six purple fairies
With bright orange boots
One by one softly roller skate by.

Some big scary monsters
Were chased off by bees
As the butterflies danced
Around black velvet trees
While the flute and the cello together at last
Played some music that coloured the breeze.

And six purple fairies
With big purple smiles
In a row just went skating on by.

A warm gentle sunbeam all ready for play
Woke me and welcomed me into the day
And showed me that things
Are not quite what they seem
For I was just having a wonderful dream
That amused me as I lay asleep.

Then one purple feather
From one fairy wing
All alone softly drifted on by.


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