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Grandpa Pencil's Little Rhymes

I Think There's A Rabbit
Robin A. Cartledge

I Think There's A Rabbit
Robin A. Cartledge

I think there's a rabbit with one sticky paw
Who lives in the back of my underwear drawer.
He's big and he's mean, at least that's what I guess,
for why else is my room such a terrible mess?

There's papers and rubbish and six different socks,
There's three headless dollies all filled up with rocks,
The homework my dog ate, a sandwich with hair,
All stuck to a plate with a bit of a pear.

My shirts flutter boldly from gold curtain hooks
And the floor is all covered with pencils and books.
It's such a great mess I can't open the door.
I'm sure it's the rabbit who lives in the drawer.

Robin A. Cartledge

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