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Grandpa Pencil's Little Rhymes

Spot the Trolley

Spot the Trolley

'Spot the missing trolley',
Said the sign outside the store,
'If we don't get our trolleys back
We'll have to buy some more'.

When Grandpa Pencil read the sign
He giggled quite a lot
And wondered why they called
The missing shopping trolley Spot,

'Cause Spot's the kind of name,
I think,you'd give to your pet dog
A cat, a yellow budgie
Or a dotty old green frog.

But Grandpa knew, that even though
The trolley's name was silly,
When you get lost out in the dark
You do get scared and chilly.

So off he ran, as fast as fast
To see his old friend Molly
To try and work out how to help
Poor Spot, the missing trolley.

They sat and drew a little map
To work out where to search
As Molly's orange rabbit
Simply sat up on it's perch.

First we'll go down Main Street
Then look all through the park
And hope we find poor little Spot
Before it gets too dark.

Then, there behind some rubbish
Grandpa saw the glint of steel
A handle and some rubbish
And what looked just like a wheel.

"It's Spot the missing trolley",
Yelled old Grandpa with delight,
"Don't worry Spot I'll take you home
And you can spend the night

And then, tomorrow morning,
When I take you to the store,
You will be with friends again
And be afraid no more".

Robin A. Cartledge


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