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Grandpa Pencil's Little Rhymes

Spot, Wobblewheels and Farty
and the special birthday par

Spot, Wobblewheels and Farty
and the special birthday party

Spot, Wobblewheels and Farty
Had arranged to have a party
Near the biscuits and the coffee
Down the aisle near the door.
They invited Grunt and Lilly
And the freezer trolley, Chilly,
Along with Squeak and Bumpy
And perhaps a hundred more.

'Twas to celebrate a birthday
And in order that they could pay
Their respects to Trolley Seven,
Who was going to be four.
That's quite old if you're a trolley,
Just ask Grandpa and Molly,
But old Seven worked on proudly
Trying not to be a bore.

Not knowing of the party
That was planned by Spot and Farty
And old Wobblewheels the trolley
In the aisle near the door.
Trolley Seven kept on going
Even though it looked like snowing
And was still outside when Charlie locked the store.

The trolleys by the coffee
All dressed up and looking toffy
Could only spill their oil tears on the floor
Then, with lights ablaze and flashing,
A fool car sent Seven crashing
Through a window to his party
In the aisle near the door.

Robin A. Cartledge

'A World of Trivia', 'Dear Grandpa Pencil' and 'A Cheapskate's Guide to Exploring Tasmania By Car'
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